Pricing & Payment Options

Pricing Options

We offer Market Pricing throughout the year. We also offer Pre-pay and Fixed Price Contracts so you know exactly what your propane will cost during the winter months.

Market Pricing is based on the current market.

Pre-pay and Fixed Price Contracts:

With Pre-pay and Fixed Price Contracts there are two payment options available so you can choose which one fits your needs best.

1. Pre-Pay Option

The Pre-Pay Option gives you the lowest Contract price we offer. This option requires you to pay upfront for all of the gallons you wish to contract. We will deliver those gallons to you between October 1st and March 31st. After March 31st, a credit will be placed on your account in the dollar amount of any unused gallons. That credit can then be used to purchase propane at current market prices, or you can apply it to the next winter’s contract if you choose.

2. Pay Within 10 Days of Each Delivery Option:  5 Cents more per Gallon, +5 Cents per gallon Upfront Fee

This option allows you to lock-in your price without having to pay for your entire winter’s usage all at once. We do charge an upfront 5 cent per gallon fee to choose this option. This fee is used to help offset some of our contracting costs. It is non-refundable and no credit will be given for any unused gallons.


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