Family Owned & Operated Since 1960

Our History

In 1960 my grandfather, Bruce Reed, bought a small bulk plant and started Reed Oil Company. He began selling gasoline and diesel fuel in and around Brighton, Colorado. The business was always a family affair and in 1966 his sixteen year old son, my father Sam, started delivering fuel for the company. At age 24, Sam bought the company and continued to grow the business throughout the 70’s and early 80’s.

In 1983, Sam purchased his first propane truck and by 1987 he had stopped selling gasoline and diesel fuel altogether, focusing solely on propane. In 2001, to accurately reflect the company’s concentration on propane, Dad changed the name of the business from Reed Oil Company to Polar Gas.

After graduating college, my brother Chris and I both came to work for the family business. As we moved towards handling all of the day to day operations, dad decided he was ready to start transitioning into retirement. Since 2002, when Chris and I took the reins, business has more than tripled. In 2007 we added a bulk plant in Estes Park. We added Idaho Springs and Ft. Lupton in 2010, Briggsdale in 2013, Blackhawk in 2015, and Kiowa in 2016.

Because we are family-owned, we especially value the importance of exceptional service and trust. Our family owes all of our success to our loyal customers and extraordinary employees. We cannot thank you all enough for your support over the years.

Nathan Reed


  • “Hello, I just wanted to share my thoughts on one of your technicians who came to fill our propane yesterday, June 9, 2016. His name was John. Just wanted to say that he was a very nice man…had a friendly demeanor that you don’t find much of today in this crazy world. He’s a fine representative of what I believe Polar Gas is. So tell his boss that he’s doing a great service to the people and your company. One more thing, we do love your service and how you operate the schedule! We had a comfortable winter with no fear of running out of propane. Thank you! Take care!” ~ Kim V.

  • “Thank you so much for adding the ability to order and pay online. It makes it so much easier to be able to do things on my own schedule. Thanks again…” ~ Barb T.

  • “Polar Gas has the best pricing that I’ve found. It’s always competitive and I really appreciate your fixed price options.  I like knowing what my costs are going to be over the winter and even when prices skyrocketed, you honored our contract. Our neighbor’s company didn’t honor their contract. Thanks for being so honest.” ~ Tina L.

  • “Man, you guys have the best looking tanks and trucks around. I live southeast of Denver and your new storage tank looks awesome. You don’t charge more, but I would pay more to make sure your trucks come on my property rather than some of the other junkers I see on the road. Keep it up!” ~ Steve T.

  • “Polar Gas is great!” ~ Stephanie B.

  • “I want to thank Polar Gas for such a diligent leak test. I’m a new customer so they came out and checked out our gas system. I thought I sometimes smelled gas in the house, but I never gave it much thought. Lawson, the service tech, checked the system and found we did have a leak in the basement. Luckily, our plumber was working close to our house. He and Lawson found the leak and got it fixed that same day. I can sleep so much easier knowing that we don’t have any more leaks. If I wouldn’t have called Polar Gas, I would have never known there was a problem.” ~ J.J.

  • “Always very quick to respond to calls or emails, but what I really love most is that when I call them, AN ACTUAL PERSON PICKS UP. In this day and age of auto attendants and contact centers, I love the fact that I can call a business and speak to someone immediately. Not to mention, my propane tank usually has about 3.5 feet of windblown snow in front of it at any given time in the winter due to snowdrifts, and that’s not even including the 8 foot snowbank the plow drivers make. But the delivery person trudges through it every time and is always able to fill up my tank. You guys rock!” ~ Michael R., Idaho Springs

  • “I’ve worked with Polar gas for nearly four years and have always had a positive experience. They are friendly, reliable and very reasonably priced. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for propane.” ~ Cindy M.

  • “Polar Gas has been the best company I’ve worked with for propane. They communicate well, are always helpful on the phone. I set up auto fill – and I never have to worry about my tank running out. I check it to be safe, but they have always been here to deliver in plenty of time. Great company, great people.” ~ John K.

  • “Great customer service. Always there when I need them!” ~ E.Christians

  • “Two things: 1. Staff is helpful & friendly. 2. You only pay for the propane you get, unlike competitors that will charge you for the entire container even if it’s not empty.” ~ J. Evanoff