Payment Programs


The Polar Gas SmartPay program puts you in control of your heating costs with fixed monthly payments. Your anticipated annual cost is evenly divided into 11 monthly payments, with month 12 being reserved for any variances or adjustments based on usage changes. Enrollment in autopay, auto delivery, paperless, and credit approval are required to join this valuable program.


Note: Your account must remain current in order to remain on this program. If you fail to maintain your account in good standing, Polar Gas reserves the right to cancel this SmartPay plan, and any past due amounts will be due immediately. Any past due amounts are subject to our standard terms.

This Polar Gas program allows you to pre-buy your annual propane gallons at our lowest fixed contract price for the upcoming season. Secure your gallons by simply making one full payment at the time of enrollment.

In available markets, our residential customers will have the option to enroll in our SmartPay program or Pre-Buy program. Please contact your local branch.